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Spencer Butte Neighborhood Association  

Spencer Butte Neighborhood Association (SBNA) is an organization of approximately 270 households in the area around Spencer Butte.  Members live on Willamette, Fox Hollow, or roads accessed by them, roughly from the Eugene Oregon city limits to McBeth. Mailing address for dues or other is SBNA, PO Box 5801, Eugene OR 97405.


This website provides information for the SBNA community - events, learning opportunities, SBNA activities, etc. with some available to the public but some are available only to members.  Members also receive occasional email messages about events, security issues, lost pets, etc. If you live in the SBNA area as described above and are not yet a member, click the Request Access link at the bottom of this page.  In the message, please include your name and address.  If you are already a member and wish to change your address or permissions, select the My Info (instructions). 


Additional information on SBNA - the organization, website, local groups, or access to facebook page. 



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Balancing Fire Safety and a Healthy Forest in the Spencer Butte Area 

Our area's forest, open space, and wildlife make this a wonderful place to live.  However, these same features put our homes and properties at high fire risk during the dry season.  Luckily, making our properties more fire resistant and helping the health of the forest are goals that complement and enhance each other. 

Fire risk for the SBNA area includes the wind-blown embers of a distant fire as well as from an approaching wildfire.  This risk is reduced when we remove flamable material from around our homes, and it is also reduced as we increase the health of our forest with activities such as planting fire resistant trees.  SBNA has put together documents and links to websites to help our members accomplish both of these goals.

Primary, Local Resources   

Other Resources 


SBNA Scheduled Events 2020

SBNA Annual Picnic Sunday July 14, 4:00 to dusk Lois Barton Park  
Wine Tasting Friday August 14, 6:30pm  TBA

Annual Meeting. 
Speaker to be announced

Wednesday October 14 TBA

 Additional event information in your 2020 SBNA Newsletter which members received in the US mail.  

Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 5801
Eugene, OR  97405


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